Third Eye Photography  by    Tommy Holt
While studying to be a filmmaker back in my University of Texas days, a job opening presented itself & I found myself working for KLRN Television as a Camera Operator.  When a Staff Photographer position surfaced, I jumped at the opportunity to start shooting only one frame at a time.  Before long I started Third Eye Photography & I soon found myself producing both location & studio work for a variety of corporate & commercial clients. As soon as it was offered, I earned CPP status (Certified) from the Professional Photographers of America. After almost 25 years of shooting film I happily made the transition to digital imaging & have never looked back. I was inspired by the profound impact I knew this technology would have on my profession.  

               Email me:      

                Call me:                 512-477-5555 

Today I continue to serve commercial clients in Austin & throughout the country. Please enjoy my samples on the gallery pages & thanks for looking!

ALL IMAGES - Copyright/Tommy Holt - All Rights Reservedmailto:tholt@thirdeyephoto.netmailto:tholt@thirdeyephoto.netshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1
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